Impaired Driving Defences

When a persons physical and cognitive ability to operate a vehicle is effected by alcohol or drugs , or a combination of both. 

Impaired Driving has nothing to do with the level of alcohol in your body. It only relates to a persons physical ability to operate a vehicle safely.


Blowing Over 80 Defence

When the level of alcohol in your blood is over the legal limit. 

0-50MG/100ML of blood - No penalty for full Licence Holder

50-80MG/100ML of blood - 3 Day Drivers Licence Suspension

80MG/100ML of blood - 90 Day Drivers Licence Suspension + Criminal Charges

This charge has nothing to do with a persons physical ability to operate a vehicle. In fact,  people have been found to be over the legal limit and not be "Impaired".

How we help

All DUI charges are subject to strict procedures that police must follow . Our experience is used to review the facts of your case and determine if the police have followed the proper procedures and respected your rights throughout the investigative process. 

It is important that we collect all the evidence and throughly review the type(s) and quantities of alcohol that you consumed.  Many times video surveillance will be used to record your interactions with police, so we use it to reconstruct the investigation and examine each detail to ensure all defences are considered. 

We often hear from our clients that they "never thought that would make a difference".  The reality is that these cases require special knowledge and skill to defend, so there is little hope for the person who hopeS to succeed by representing themselves.

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